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What are the fees?

R600 per consultation (*R500 if paid prior to the session)


How does the payment process work?

This is a cash practice (not physical cash), which means all clients are responsible for settling their account. Once proof of payment is received, a statement will be issued. This statement should then be submitted to the medical aid by the client. Please inquire, with your medical aid, whether you have funds available.


What is the duration of a session?

Sessions are 50-55 minutes.


How frequently will I have to attend sessions?

Options are as follows:

  • Once a week (ideal)

  • Every second week

  • Once a month

*This can be adjusted according to the client's needs.


Do you accept medical aid payments?

Renier is registered with the Board of Healthcare Funders of Southern Africa (BHF) and recognized by most medical aids. We are a cash practice which means that all clients are responsible for making the payment after every session. Once the payment was received, the client will use the statement to claim from their medical aid (I advise all clients to ensure beforehand if they have enough funds available and if the medical aid will be willing to payout).


Do you have card facilities?

No card facilities. All payments are electronic (EFT)


Are my sessions confidential?

Every individual has the right to privacy, and the information shared between the client and the therapist is confidential. It should be respected and taken seriously. The counsellor is ethically bound not to share information discussed in sessions.

The only exceptions where the counsellor must share the information are when:

  • The client is a danger to him or herself or others (client shares their thoughts of harming another person and there is a possibility that these thoughts will turn into action).

  • When a minor (a person under 18 years) is a victim of abuse.

  • If subpoenaed and legally required to provide the court with information.

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