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My name is Renier Swart

Renier Swart, a passionate advocate for mental well-being, holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Midrand Graduate Institute, earned in 2015. His academic journey laid the foundation for a career dedicated to understanding and improving the human psyche.

Renier's formative training took place in the heart of community healthcare, at a clinic in Mitchells Plain, and within the educational landscape of two schools in the vibrant Cape Town area.

Since his graduation, Renier has actively contributed to a range of research projects, delving into the realms of neuro-imaging, psychosis, and bipolar disorders. His work has predominantly taken place at tertiary psychiatric hospitals and community healthcare clinics across the Cape Flats, Eastern Cape, and Northern Cape.

With a profound commitment to his work, Renier has conducted in-depth interviews, assessments, and screenings for over a thousand patients in diverse healthcare settings. It is through these experiences that he has cultivated a keen interest in the holistic growth of individuals, transcending boundaries of creed and background.

Join Renier on his journey to foster growth, understanding, and resilience in every individual, regardless of their unique path.

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